Friday, 28 December 2012

International Seminars/Workshops

Cambridge Educators Conference 2012, Cambridge, UK
'Confident learners, confident teachers: new ways of looking at leadership'
·  The Teacher as a Leader - Conrad Hughes
·   Transforming education through teacher leadership - David Frost
·   THE FUTURE OF SCHOOL LEADERSHIP: Where We Are and What Next? -Professor Geoff Southworth
    ·   What is leadership? - Dr Karen Edge
    ·     Been there – bought the tee-shirt - Neil Richards
    ·    Students as Leaders  - Susan Douglas and Twalib Ebrahim

XSEED School Leadership Rewards Program, Dubai, UAE
     ·   Martian conclusions
     ·   Syllabus of the Leader
     ·    Leader insight – Professional Development
     ·   The 4 ORBITS of GOOD TEACHING

Harvard Learning Lab:
                                   Systemic Change for Student Success
                                 (Harvard Graduate School of Education)
  •   Main Focus: Improving Teaching Learning Environment
  •  Building a Teaching – Learning community
  •  ‘Spot Light Protocol’ – “No shame, No blame, No excuses”
  •  Being ‘Data- Wise’ – “What one can not measure, one can not manage” 

  • International School Leadership Summit (ISLS)
The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA


·       field visits to top quality schools (primary, junior high, and high schools in the vicinity of the campus, there are 20-25 schools)
·         assisted/rehab methods and technologies for children with special needs   
·        state-of-the-art technological and research facilities
·        state-of-the-art classroom facilities and digital libraries
·        modern research laboratories
·        exposure to current findings from educational research leaders
·        breakout discussion groups with other principals from the US and India
·  networking opportunities with educational leaders, principals, professors, publishers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and directors of philanthropic foundations 

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